beneath the surface at Randøyane

In spring 2015, I travelled to Kristiansand in Norway to photograph the biodiversity of sea life around Randøyane. For the time I was there, I did a series of eight dives and I got to experience a big variety of species, from several nudibranch species that I had never seen before, different types of jellyfish, a lot of fish and crabs plus more. It was an amazing experience because while growing up I spent every summer on the island, but this is the first time I got to properly explore the sea around it, and I was really surprised to see how varied and rich the life is.

At the moment there aren't any critical conservation issues in the area, however the city is growing and there are more and more people who wants to live by the sea, so if there are more and more houses being built and a lot of big coastal expansions, it might become an issue for some of these species in the future. If it does, I can use these images to show what an important habitat it is and why it needs to be protected. I would also like to expand on this project at some point, to show even more of the life you can find around Randøyane that is worth protecting.